Price Match Guarantee

Buy with Total Confidence!

We thrive on bringing the Best buy Best price & Best service to our customers on all of our products. In addition to giving customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, we also offer a Price Match Guarantee.

If you find a lower price for the same product by another shop we will beat it, you can rest assured you will always receive the best prices and customer services guaranteed!

To be eligible for a price match, your request must meet the following conditions:

– An official written quote by the supplier with full product specifications

– The quote should reflect an identical product with accurate price.

– Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply to special order items or out-of-stock.

– All price matches must be submitted prior to ordering.

We want your business and we guarantee you’ll get the best price and the highest quality. 

Marica Salon Specialists – “Best Price Guarantee” is valid on retail price of products only, not on shipping, services and/or handling charges. No close-outs, special buys, special promotions, or previous model. Marica Salon Specialists reserve the right to decline a price match for any reason.