Micro Current (Microcurrent)

probesgalvanic_w.jpgThe KenoTech Pro Series of Microcurrent uses state-of the art technology to provide a safe, cost effective and non-invasive alternative to expensive aesthetic facial surgery.

Microcurrent uses a direct very low current that is in a waveform. This extremely low current used to directs the current with electrodes and pads sends impulses in the lower skin levels, stimulates cells, increases natural production of collagen and elastin.

Microcurrent face lift procedure is a very effective way to normalize the cells metabolic process. Microcurrent is utilized worldwide to facilitate and promote healing and effective way to fight wrinkles, because it is close to biological processes that are happening inside of the cell.

microcurrent-face-treated-w.jpgMicrocurrent Procedures Benefits:
~Improve facial contours
~Regenerate epithelial tissue,Rejuvenate muscle tissue
~Tighten facial muscles, toning face, chin and neck
~Reduce wrinkles
~Tonning body
microcurrent_w.jpgThere are 2 machines in the KenoTech Pro Series:
-The Microderm : includes galvanic & microcurrent funcionality
-The Electroderm : a combination of EMS for the upper body, as well as Facelift Micro-Current features.