Hair Section: How to Choose Best Hair Dryer

When it comes to select the best buy in a hair dryer, one should consider features that are important, like :

 Heat and Temperature settings to prevent damage hair,

– Speed control used for styling your hair,

– Cool Shot Button that works to set and smooth your style,

– Product weight,

– Attachments,

– Appropriate cord length

Here are a few best buy hair dryers features that are consistently recognized for value and performance by both salon professionals and everyday users:

  1. Power: Wattage is important. The higher the wattage of your hair dryer, the more powerful the heat and air flow will be; consider at least 1700W, Tick Hair-1900W and 2000 watts for the quickest drying time possible.
  2. Speeds:preferably with controls of speeds and heat! Set to the higher heat and air settings to remove faster from the hair excess moisture while you start to style it, thereafter switch to lower settings for more precise and less-damaging styling

3 Diffuser: For Naturally curly hair, its recommended a hair dryer that equipped with a diffuser attachment for frizz-free styling.

4 Nozzle:  Using the Hairdryer to straighten your hair, you should consider one with a nozzle attachment. That focuses air blow directly and promotes faster and smoother hair drying. When you use it make sure to point the nozzle direction of the hairdryer slightly downward of hair you are busy drying.

  1. Technologies: Most of modern hairdryer come with latest technology. For those who use blow dryer to straighten the hair, it is recommended one with ceramic and tourmaline technology.

5.1 Ceramic Heater: gives an even heat distribution for healthier, smooth and frizz free results. Safer styling as well as it helps to prevent burning your hair, helps straighten the hair

5.2 Tourmaline / Negative ions: Tourmaline helps to produce negative ions which in return speed up drying process while providing shinier, healthier results. This achieved by releasing negative ion to place water back into hair for a faster and less damage blowout, smooth and shiny hair.  indicates that the hair dryer uses negative ions to place water back into hair for a faster blowout, less damage and a sleeker outcome. Hair dryers equipped with fast-heating ceramic coil and/or tourmaline features also claim to dry the hair faster than those that lack them

  1. Heats:To protect those who have fine hair or easily damaged hair it is recommended to choose a Hair dryer with variable heat settings which allow control the heat setting as low as possible.
  2. Extra Controlof Cool Blow Shot Button: to be able to give the hair a cold blast of air for a couple of seconds. You use this button after brushing the hair to flip it out while you use the point the hairdryer under this section. Than the hair is heated and dries but. In order to keep its shape you give a blast of cold blow air for couple of seconds to preserve the shape and the flip of the hair.
  3. Weight: is an important factor especially for those with long hair that might need to spend long time to dry the hair. Recommended light model less than 800gm
  4. Service & Guarantee:Make sure you buy your hairdryer from a respectable brand name and from a company who can offer support, parts in stock and service.