Hair Removal Using Waxing Method

Waxing continues to be one of the most popular and convenient forms of hair removal (Depilation Method) and there are two choices to select from: The HOT and COLD Waxing treatment.

spatula_wax.jpgWax Technique & Process: A layer of wax is spread onto the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth. If the wax is cooled it’s quickly ripped off, while in the opposite direction on the hair regrowth, and the hair is taken away along with it. The wax should be heated just above body temperature and care should be taken that the wax is not too hurt as this can cause skin burns. Hot wax usually adheres to unwanted hair better and offers more effective removal of even thick and curly hair. The Hot wax must be applied with a Spatula, making small areas such as eyebrows, upper lips and bikini area easier to treat.

Cold wax Technique Process: Cold Wax – also known as Warm Wax needs to be heated to just above body temperature. This melts the sticky like wax to a consistency which is easily spread with a spatula onto the hair area. The wax is applied in a very fine film in the direction of the hair growth. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed firmly onto the applied wax film. The strip is then pulled off the body against the direction of the hair growth. With this method the therapist is able to cover large areas which require hair removal. Another method of applying the cold wax or warm wax is to use a cartridge roller system. This system is excellent for busy salons.

wax-leg.jpgExtra Care: Do not apply wax to irritated, sunburned, or infected skin. You should also avoid the use of hot tubs, swimming pools, lotions, Maya cold wax strips is a fast, practical and convenient, which can depilate the hair from roots immediately. It is suitable for arms, legs, underarms, face, and bikini areas. Available for both home, and Salon with in a selection of variants and perfumed (which can further irritate painful skin) for at least one day after waxing.